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What Is PPC Marketing ?

PPC Marketing Stands For Pay Per Click , That Was An Internet Marketing Part There The Advertisers Uses Publishers Website For Market Their Services And Products Via Ads And Publisher Get Paid By Specific Advertiser When An User Click On The Ads PPC Was An Pull-Type Internet Marketing Of Buy User Visit For A Site!
Pay-Per-Click ( PPC ) Services India Was Advertising System Which Perform On Internet Meant For Direct Online Traffic To An Specific Websites There The Advertiser Pays The Publisher An Certain Money When The Ad Is Click . In Simple Words PPC Company Delhi Advantage Stands For Promoting Your Business Brilliantly.

  • The Most Effective Form Of PPC Marketing Was Search Engine Advertising ( SEA ).
  • That Was Allow Advertisers For Bid For Placement Of Ads For Search Engine Sponsored Link, Then An User Search For An Keyword That Was Relevant For An Product Or Service.
  • When Users Click On Ad , Link Directs Users To The Product,s Website .At Same Time , Product Or Service Provider Pay Some Money To Search Engines Like Google.
PPC Marketing

"Quality For An Successful PPC Campaign"

Behind Successful PPC Services Company Delhi Campaign Lies An Eye Catchy Ad It Can Attract Attention Of Online Users . You Can Focus On The Following Aspects When Create Online Ad ⇒

Keyword Research

Doing Research For Effective Keyword Which Was Relevant To Product Or Service .Find Right Keyword.


Group Keyword Relevantly Is The Main Key-Factors For Crating An Successful Campaign .

Arranging Ad-Copy

Arrange Keyword For Create Advertising Also Make It Attractive And Eye Catchy For Viewers.

PPC Agency Delhi

"Entities Involved For PPC Advertising"

→ Following Entities Is Involved In Pay Per Click Advertising Agency India

  • Product And Services Seller !
  • PPC Advertisers !
  • Landing Page Provider !
  • Landing Page !
  • Viewer And Visitor !

Get An Close Look For Illustrations Below That Depict Normal Role For Entities Involved In Pay-Per-Click Advertising ⇒

  1. The Service Or Product Seller Connect Advertisers For Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertisers Create Ad And Provide Landing Page For Ads .
  3. User Clicks On Ads & Visit That Landing Page.
  4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Bird Eye Scene.


“Pay-Per-Click($)=Advertise Costing($) Number Of Ad Click”

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We Can Bid For The Specific Keyword With Help Of Google Adwords And Then Pay For Only That Specific Keyword , In Simple Language We Were Called It’s Pay Per Click.
And The Money We Pay To Adwords It’s Called Cost Per Click(CPC) .

Digiarts Explain You Deeply What Was Actually PPC .


  • CLICKS:- Was The Number Of Time An Keyword Ads Was Clicked On .
  • IMPR:- ( Impressions ) Was The Number Of Times A Keyword Ads Been Display.
  • CTR:- ( Clickthrough Rate ) Was The % For A Keyword Ads Impression Which Result In An Click . If An Keyword Get High Then 1 % CTR Then Google Will Improve Those Keyword Ads Position And Also Reduce Amount Which You Pay For Per Click.
  • AVG > CPC:- ( Average Cost Per Click ) Was An Average Cost Of All Of An Keyword Or Ad Group Click.
  • COST:- Was Total Cost For Clicks.
  • AVG>POS:- ( Average Position ) Was Average Position Your Ads Were Displaye On Search Result Page . That Ad Shows At Top Of Page One Of Google Search Result Is 1 Position.
  • CONV:-.( 1-Per-Click ) ( Conversions ) Was Number For Click Those Results An Conversion . You Must Define Your Website Conversion i.e Sale Or An Mail Sign-Up.
  • COST/CONV:- ( 1Per-Click ) Was Average Cost or All Conversions i.e . Cost/Conv . ( Per Click 1 ).




Advantages of Pay-Per-Click ( PPC)Company In India.

Pay-Per-Click Helps For Branding & Creating Leads Also , Both In Parallel . PPC Gives Instant Results In Contrast For SEO Result Those Were Equally Important But It Will Take Months Or Year For Materalize.

  • Quick Actions.
  • Negligible Investment.
  • Business Get Notice Globally .
  • Quick Results.

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